Our Broker-Dealer

Our independence is what brings us together.

Cambridge Investment Group, Inc. is a privately controlled financial solutions firm focused on serving independent financial advisors and their investing clients. Cambridge is a national corporation with a registered investment advisor and an industry-leading independent broker-dealer.

Known as The Fee Experts®¹, Cambridge provides a broad range of choices regarding financial solutions and we choose the customizable experience that best meets the needs of our clients. Cambridge continues to support traditional commission options while significantly expanding their flexibility and footprint within the advisory segment as they focus their innovation efforts on fees.

Remaining independent and privately controlled has long been part of Cambridge’s plan.

1The Fee Experts® is a registered trademark of Cambridge Investment Research, Inc. for its investment advisory service for investment managers.

You Control the Journey®

Cambridge understands that financial professionals need to chart the path that works best for them and their investing clients. The independent financial professional is the pilot, but Cambridge stands ready to offer guidance and choices that include advisor-focused financial solutions:  

  • Succession and acquisition financial lending plus business technology expertise
  • Advice solutions for both asset management and financial planning with portfolio overlay management
  • Platform choices comprised of a corporate RIA or independent RIA for dual registration or fee only business models
  • Customizable services for a wide variety of advisor business models including: solo advisors, ensembles, ensemble enterprises, multi-advisor teams, and enterprises
  • Outsourcing services centered on independent advisor firms, including professional development, client marketing, and office assistance
  • A broad array of commission based solutions for both qualified and nonqualified accounts
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